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“g you won't believe it. i joined the course yesterday with about half of the money i had in my bank account. i had originally planned to wait until i started making money with my business, but decided to say fu*k it and went ahead and joined. well this morning after talking in the chat, one of the boys sent me free access to a course covering the exact business im starting. the course is sold for about $1.5k, and is widely considered the best in the business. your group you have created has already saved me 1.4k, and i look forward to getting plenty of more value from it”

Fionn Smith - Verified

“Just want to report back on some of the effects of Jacks advice about the brazil nuts, pistachio, eggs and supplement superstack. Its been insane, I have SO much energy now, like im so happy and ready to fucking GO! my sex drive is through the roof and its abit too much to handle, that's how strong it is, after a work out, a few hours later i want to work out again or go conquer something, like DAMN man, the energy, the life, a total 180 from where I was a few months ago where i was constantly fatigued FOR YEARS btw, like YEARS of fatigue.. WTF man its all starting to click. Thank you so much @CEO of Testosterone ”

Rajesh Parmar - Verified

“I received another job offer from another company and I was on a call today with my boss and told him to increase my salary otherwise I'd take the other job. Which is something I wouldn't have ever dreamed of doing. I would have thought It'd get me sacked straight away. I'm now on the same wage a graduate of university would be. I'm going to make my money back from this investment and more. Can't believe the confidence I've gained!”

Sam Cross - Verified

“sweet as a nut, been following the protocol (dont have ashwhaganda tho) but been feeling insanely good with insane energy, so much so that im able to properly destroy myself at the gym and have hella energy to work on all my projects”

Oliver Baptiste - Verified

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Check Out The Course Modules!

    1. Introduction to the Gorilla Tribe

    1. Testosterone Explained

    2. The Pillars of HIGH Testosterone

    3. Supplement Superstack Explained

    4. Supplement Superstack - 3x Testosterone levels

    5. Testosterone levels & Blood Tests - Free & Total Testosterone

    1. Progressive overload, compound lifts, training to failure.

    1. How many calories should you eat?

    2. Optimising diet for Testosterone production

    3. My Test Boosting Daily Meal Plan 🧬🥩🦍

    4. Eating Out Guide - Super meal Deal 💪🏼🦍

    1. Organisation, Accountability & Mindset

    1. How to use these programs...

    2. Unhatched Gorilla Egg - Zero to One - Build Consistency + Discipline

    3. Baby Gorilla Program - Weightlifting 1 Year or less - 12 Week Program

    4. Intermediate / mid sized primate - Weightlifting 1-2 years - 12 Week Program

    5. Advanced - Alpha Male Physique - 2 Years + 12 Week Program

    6. Aesthetic Abs Workout - DAILY

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